Medical Director’s Bulletins

This archive of Medical Director’s Bulletins is a gold mine of information on special topics written by WMT’s Dr Harvey Pynn.

MDB No 13 12th July 2018 Adrenaline autoinjector & rabies update

MDB No 12 16th March 2018 Counterfeit medicines

MDB No 11 23rd May 2017 Penthrox and see this 2018 update FPHC Statement on Penthrox

MDB No 10 15th February 2016 Malaria update

MDB No 9 23rd November 2016 Managing hypothermia – As Cold as Stone

MDB No 8 7th October 2016 Wilderness cervical spine injury management

MBD Special Edition 13th June 2016 SHO job in Bristol for aspiring expediton medic

MDB No 7 27th April 2016 Travelling with children co-written with Dr Lucy Obolensky

MDB No 6 15th December 2015 New guidelines for medical provision in the wilderness setting

MDB No 5 10th June 2015 Important rabies update

MDB No 4 4th February 2015 Expedition medical kits

MDB No 3 14th October 2014 Important developments in WMT’s Advanced Medicine course (for laypeople)

MDB No 2 1st July 2014 Tramadol update

MDB No 1 6th March 2014 C-ABCDE paradigm shift