University of Plymouth accreditation in Global & Remote Healthcare

WMT is very pleased to announce an innovative partnership with University of Plymouth Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry to enable three WMT courses count towards credit for a PG Cert and above. The tuition fee for the WMT course is deducted from the university’s PG cert fee resulting in a ‘top-up’ fee (£895.00 June ’17). Long-standing WMT Senior Instructor Dr Lucy Obolensky is also the university’s MSc clinical lead so this is a natural partnership for WMT to pursue on behalf of alumni. Qualifying WMT courses include:
Expedition Medicine (winter – Chamonix)
Expedition Medicine & Field Skills (summer – Chamonix)
Morocco Mountain Medicine Expedition

Here is the official process issued by PU PSMD
Completion of the WMT courses listed enables individuals to apply to ‘top up’ to gain 30 M-level credits towards the Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert) in Global and Remote Healthcare. This is in lieu of attending the Remote Practitioner module of our PG Cert.

To gain these credits, you will need to apply for ‘APL credits’ within two years of attending your WMT course, attend an induction and complete the assignment for the Remote Practitioner module, for which you will receive support from our tutors. Your WMT course is equivalent to 30 university credits (i.e. one module). You will still need to complete one further module to qualify for the PGCert.

The Global and Remote Healthcare MSc is made up in the following format:
2 modules (60 credits) = a post graduate certificate
4 modules (120 credits) = post graduate diploma
4 modules (180 credits) + research dissertation = masters

Acceptance onto the MSc in Global and Remote Healthcare (which enables you to choose whether you want to progress to the full Masters, or ‘step off’ after the PG Cert or diploma) is subject to successful application, in line with standard PU PSMD process. You have the option to do this full or part time and step off the programme at any level.
Enquiries and expressions of interest should be made by email to the postgraduate team (tel. +441752437195).

Visit the university’s MSc webpage for further details.