Preparing for Gap Travel

Young people – and their parents – will enjoy peace of mind by attending WMT’s Preparing for Gap Travel seminar. This is currently only run on a bespoke, private basis for schools or other youth organisations. This highly interactive day is packed with medical and travel advice from veteran overseas travellers.

    This GAP Travel seminar is a great value product designed to accommodate large groups of students with two WMT facilitators/instructors. It is ideal preparation for students prior to a gap year whether this is an experience organised through an agency or more adventurous independent travel. WMT has run this programme several times for King Edward VI School, Southampton.

    Outline Programme & Topics Covered

    • Welcome & introductions
    • Objectives of the day
    • Planning for safe travel
    • Group work – identifying and reducing the risks
    • Sources of advice
    • Medical 1 – Before you go
    • Pre-departure preparations & jabs. Anti-malarials. Dental check-up
    • Pre-existing health problems – asthma, other special needs
    • Fitness
    • Recommended personal medical supplies
    • Personal administration, planning & preparation– case studies
    • Passports & other documents (visas, immunisations)
    • Insurance
    • Money
    • Research
    • Medical 2 – Staying healthy while you’re away
    • Preventing illness – water purification, personal hygiene, wearing shoes, bite avoidance
    • Common medical problems whilst travelling – diarrhoea, viral illnesses, the sun, bites
    • Special local & environmental hazards – malaria, water purification, altitude sickness, heat and cold
    • Drugs & emotional problems
    • Sexual health while travelling
    • Travel arrangements, logistics and personal security
    • Take only photos, leave only footprints – video
    • Travelling in-country – air, rail, road, boat
    • Adventurous activities
    • Conflict prevention, recognition & avoidance, diffusion
    • Scams and schemes
    • Keeping your belongings safe
    • Keeping in touch with home
    • Returning home – reverse culture shock and the post-travel blues, re-integration
    • Action planning, final questions & close

    Students can expect to come away from the day with a clear checklist on how to organise, plan and execute their GAP experience more safely.

    To discuss your interest in this seminar please email WMT using the contact page.