Gear Guide

Coming on a WMT course and parting with your hard earned cash to buy a new waterproof jacket or other high priced item? This new Gear Guide will help you. Download the WMT Gear Guide v1.

Gear Guide exerpt:

Each WMT course dossier has a kit list and we’ve augmented these lists with this technical advice note. Outdoor gear – equipment, footwear and clothing – is a huge subject. Go with your personal experience and if less experienced, follow our advice, that of retail staff and ask questions early before coming on a course. It is in everyone’s interests, especially in Morocco where there are no gear shops, that delegates are properly equipped, both from a safety and comfort point of view.

Download the WMT Gear Guide v1 and read more about how down fill is rated, advice on using trekking poles, light weight gear and much more.