Outdoor First Aid Courses

WMT is often asked if we run outdoor first aid courses. For the lay person (non-medical professionals) which includes but is by no means limited to independent travelers, outdoor instructors, mountain guides, climbers, mountaineers, 4×4 overland drivers, divers, sailors, canoeists, ski mountaineers – you name it – if you are looking for an outdoor first aid course you should consider attending one of our Explorer courses. All our Explorer courses are aimed at outdoor people working or traveling to remote, overseas locations.

Far From Help – is two days long and looks at injuries and illnesses including outdoor related problems such as altitude sickness, heat illness and cold related problems (hypothermia and frostbite).

Advanced Medicine – is 4 days long and includes everything on Far From Help plus training in invasive techniques; giving injections, stapling wounds and giving fluids subcutaneously.

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Authorisation to obtain the prescription supplies we teach about is granted for 2 years after an Explorer course.

Many people aren’t satisfied with repeating standard outdoor first aid courses but think that’s the only option. We invite you to join us to learn much more than on these outdoor first aid courses. All WMT Explorer courses satisfy most UK NGB outdoor governing body requirements for a first aid course. You will find that a WMT Explorer course is more comprehensive and relevant to being outdoors abroad than any outdoor first aid course. Attending a WMT course will save you the time and money in not having to repeat a standard first aid course and will add to your knowledge base and skill set.