Advice to Medical Students

This page aims to answer medical students’ questions about which course to attend, electives, special study modules and guest speakers for WMS events.

Medical students are welcome to attend any of our courses.

Explorer or Medic course?
We are frequently asked whether medical students should attend an Explorercourse or a Medic course: this is difficult to answer given the variety of ways in which medical degree programmes are structured but as a rough rule-of-thumb if you have completed a full year of clinical work then you would probably find one of our Medic courses more beneficial, informative and stimulating. 

Electives, Special Study Modules & Student Selected Components
We are not in a position to organise electives for medical students but if you are proposing to undertake an elective or some other self-directed work off the beaten track then you would find one of our courses an excellent basis for looking after both yourself and your patients while overseas. A WMT course will also be a source of inspiration, ideas for electives and a forum for making contact with qualified doctors – in short, a great networking opportunity so think about joining a WMT course well in advance of your elective period.

One source of guidance we are pleased to promote is the website and the accompanying book, The Medic’s Guide to Electives and Work around the World written by one of our former delegates, Dr Mark Wilson.

Wilderness Medical Society support
WMT faculty occasionally contribute to the annual National Student Wilderness Medical Society conference. If your society is hosting an event and looking for an inspiring guest speaker please contact us and we’ll try to help.

Please take a good look through our website and compare and contrast what’s included in Explorer courses and Medic courses and if you would like to discuss anything further please get in contact with WMT.