WMT’s directors, instructors and lecturers have dozens of publications to their credit. Our team has published research, editorials, magazine articles, books and more.


With B Roberts, feature article How to Survive – Almost Anything for Outsider magazine, June 2009.

Book Chapters

ABC of Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine
Chapter on Environmental Emergencies – Altitude
BMJ Publications 2013

Oxford Handbook of Wilderness and Expedition Medicine 2nd Ed
Chapter on Limb and Back Injuries (in press)
SME reviewer on Heat Illness


M.P Rayson, H Pynn, A Rothwell, A.M Nevill. The Development of Physical Selection Procedures for the British Army. Phase 3: Validation. Contemporary Ergonomics 2000 pp 140-144. Ed. P.T McCabe, M.A Hanson, S.A Robertson. Publ. Taylor & Francis

HJ Pynn. Expedition Health. Cold and Dead? The Geographical Magazine. Dec 2007

Section on Cold Injury in B Roberts et al. How to deal with cold. Summit Magazine. The British Mountaineering Council. 2009

Emergency preparedness in the 21st century: Training and preparation modules
in virtual environments
Resuscitation 84(2013) 78-84

Accepted but not published

HJ Pynn, SJ Clarke and N Castle
Asthmatic cardiac arrest – an indication for Emergency Thoracotomy


Invited Book Chapters

Morris DS. The eye at altitude. In: Hypoxia and Exercise: Proceedings of the International Hypoxia Symposia. Edited by Roach R, Wagner P and Hackett P. Springer, New York, 2006

Morris DS. Eye problems on Expeditions. Commissioned chapter in Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine. OUP, Oxford 2008

Morris DS. The Eyes. In: Travel at High Altitude. Edited by Broadhurst D and Smith C. Medex, London, 2007

Peer reviewed publications

Morris DS and Francombe J. The ‘ngisipet’ and trachoma prevention: solving the latrine problem in nomadic tribes.  Community Eye Health J 2007;20(64): 70

Morris DS, Somner JEA, Scott KM, McCormick IJC, Aspinall P and Dhillon B. Corneal thickness at high altitude. Cornea 2007; 26(3): 308-11

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Morris DS, Fraser S, Wormald R. Masking is better than blinding. BMJ 2007; 334:

Sutherland AI, Morris DS, Owen CG, Bron AJ, and Roach RC. Optic nerve sheath diameter, intracranial pressure and acute mountain sickness on Mount Everest: A longitudinal cohort study. Br J Sports Med 2008;42:183-188

Hammam T, Montgomery D, Morris DS and Imrie F. Prevalence of serum autoantibodies and paraproteins in patients with glaucoma. Eye 2008; 22: 349-353

Morris DS. How to set up an eye project in Africa. BMJ Career Focus 2005; 330:146-147

Morris DS. How to set up an eye project in Africa. Student BMJ 2005.13:196-197

Morris DS, Severn PS, Smith J, Somner JEA, Stannard KP, Cottrell DG. High altitude and retinal detachment. High Altitude Medicine & Biology. 2007, 8(4): 337-339.

Invited articles

Morris DS, Somner JEA, Donald MJ, McCormick IJC, Bourne RRA, Huang SS, Aspinall P and Dhillon B. The eye at altitude. Adv Exp Biol Med 2006;588:249-70


Morris DS, Somner JEA, Scott KM, McCormick IJC, Dhillon B, Huang SS. Retinal vascular features at high altitude. High Alt Med Biol 2006; 7(4): 337-8.

Sutherland AI, Morris DS, Owen CG, Bron AJ, Roach RC. Non-invasive measurement of intracranial pressure at high altitude on Mount Everest. High Alt Med Biol 2006; 7(4): 347-8

Somner JEA, Scott KM, McCormick IJC, Dhillon, B and Morris DS. Measuring intraocular pressure at high altitude. High Alt Med Biol 2006; 7(4): 346


Morris DS and Richards P. Ophthalmological effects of high altitude. BMJ 2003; 327:149


Book Chapters
Barry contributed 3 chapters to the OUP Handbook of Expedition & Wilderness Medicine; Human Dynamics on Expedition, Avalanches and Joining an Expedition.

Magazine Articles
With H Pynn, feature article How to Survive – Almost Anything for Outsider magazine, June 2009.

SGB Outdoor Magazine columns online – make sure you click on the OUTDOOR magazine tab before looking for the page (not the SPORT tab):

July 09 The Everest Circus page 15
May 09 Greenland: Not quite trains, planes and automobiles page 16
March 09 Charitable giving; a national disgrace (about charity treks) page 15
January 09 Reuse, Repair & Recyle; a way out of recession go page 14
December 08 Review of OUP Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine go to page 10
December 08 Game Mindset & Match
September 08 Family Friendly Action Holidays go to page 14

DARK SUMMER article – A Ski Mountaineering Ottersey
In May ’05 Barry lead a ski mountaineering expedition to south-east Greenland. The expedition was an unqualified success and the team achieved 22 first ascents.

DARK SUMMER article – Lightweights on the Haute Route
In May ’06, Barry and Brian Hutchinson skied the famous Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt over a 7 day period. Read Baz’s story and top tips and references for undertaking this great adventure.

Staying Alive Offpiste is a Kindle and print on demand book co-written with Douglas Gurr

In Cross Country Magazine (international paragliding magazine)

Beyond Help Edition 135 May-June 2011
Flying at Altitude Edition 138 November-December 2011
Be Prepared Edition 146 March-April 2013