British Standard for Expeditions (BS8848)

All individuals, groups or teams venturing abroad be they commercial, schools, academic bodies and researchers, charitable or private, would do well to be familiar with the guidelines, recommendations, protocols and advice contained in BS 8848 (April 2007); Specifications for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities, outside the United Kingdom. (8848 is taken from the height in metres of Everest.)

In particular WMT would like to draw your attention to Section 21 Medical, pp 26-28, which offers advice under the following headings:

General re: accessing medical advice, services and support

Medical planning re: risk analysis of medical hazards

Pre-existing medical conditions re: screening and fitness to travel

Prevention of ill health: vaccinations and prophylaxis re: getting the right pre-travel advice and jabs

Environment related illness re: understanding and managing these special risks

Medical expertise re: the first aid training of leaders shall be “commensurate” with the needs of the project

First aid kits re: should meet a specification prepared by a medical professional with knowledge and experience relevant to the venture

Medical protocols re: on the appropriate use of medical kits, consent and training

WMT course delegates can be assured that all WMT training will assist them in following this advice.