“WMT has set the standard by which wilderness first aid courses are judged”. Saturday Telegraph 14/1/12 – read the full article online.

WMT Explorer courses are designed for laypeople – that’s anyone who is not a professional medic (like a doctor or nurse). We’ve trained many hundreds of people embarking on incredible overseas adventures who need much more in-depth training than first aid courses offer. There are two levels of training: Far From Help and Advanced Medicine.

Far From Help – FFH is a comprehensive 2 day foundation course that covers injuries and illnesses and includes the use of prescription medications (antibiotics, pain killers and more).

Advanced Medicine – 4-day GOLD standard course is effectively a 2 module course (2 x 2 day courses FFH + FFH Part 2 – see below) that also includes administering subcutaneous fluids, stapling wounds, giving intramuscular injections and more.

To update or refresh your WMT skills, only WMT alumni can attend Far From Help Part 2/Advanced Refresher within 2 years of completing either Far From Help or Advanced Medicine. Includes advanced training in invasive techniques such as administering subcutaneous fluids, stapling wounds, giving intra-muscular injections and more. FFH2 also revalidates your authorisation to obtain prescription only medications (POMs) for a further 2 years.

Expedition Skills
In the Lake District, WMT combines its expertise with Wild Human to offer the uniquely comprehensive 7-day Expedition Skills course including Far From Help, bush craft training, bush mechanic tuition, navigation/GPS training and more. Note: we are not running this course for laypeople in 2019 but there is a medical student course version running and laypeople are welcome to attend but this does not convey any POM authorisation or NGB first aid equivalent http://wildernessmedicaltraining.co.uk/medics-series-courses/expedition-skills-7-days-med-students/

Who comes on WMT Explorer courses?
You should consider WMT training if you are venturing to remote areas outside of the UK where medical help is limited or non-existent and you need to be medically self sufficient. People from many diverse backgrounds attend our courses including teachers, expedition leaders, climbers, yachtsmen, aid workers, overland drivers, field researchers, film crews/media people, solo travellers, military personnel, close protection officers and many others.

Authorisation to obtain prescription medicines
Authorisation to obtain a select range of prescription medications for 2 years is included in all Explorer courses.

Course dates & fees
Click on a course link for dates and fees or see all Explorer Course Dates at a glance.

Pre-requisites to attend
No prior first aid training is required for all courses except FFH Part 2/Advanced Refresher which requires prior WMT training to be eligible.

Nurses, medical students, paramedics, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals are welcome to attend Explorer courses. Please see this ADVICE page to help you decide which course to attend. Explorer courses are not suitable for qualified doctors.