Advice to Universities

British universities send hundreds of people abroad annually to remote places under their auspices to undertake field projects, conduct research and adventurous expeditions.

WMT is very experienced in helping institutions exercise their duty of care to ensure that participants are medical trained to operate in remote, often hostile places, where medical support is limited, sub-standard or hard to reach.

WMT has worked with many academic institutions including delivering private Far From Help programmes for Cambridge, Hull, Sheffield and Leicester universities and the University of Zurich. In addition, many dozens of individual researchers, university expedition members and faculty have attended WMT open programmes. We have also delivered a one-day Wilderness Medicine Workshop at Manchester University.

Please contact WMT if we can be of help or if you require a quotation for a private programme. See also this BESPOKE TRAINING page.

Recent university private course feedback:

The training provided on this course can be transfered to ANY situation when travelling or otherwise engaged in outdoor activities both in the UK and abroad.

…makes me feel comfortable in handling any trauma situation that may happen “close to help” as well as “far from help”.

After the course I realised just how unprepared I have been working in expeditions or distant fieldwork, and how some of the most basic medic training could considerably affect the outcome of any emergency situation far from help.

This type of training is essential for all students and researchers involved in fieldwork.

I would view it as essential training which should be provided for all conducting fieldwork abroad. First aid training for the UK where medical help is near to hand is simply not adequate for fieldwork.