Advice to Military Personnel

There are so many parallels between wilderness medicine and ‘military’ medicine.  Acting independently in remote environments where access to hospital care may be difficult is the core business of ‘medics’ in the expedition setting and the military.  WMT offers a wide array of courses to cater for those wishing to advance their medical skills for the ‘military’ environment.  Many military doctors have attended our courses in Chamonix and Morocco to further their knowledge of environmental medicine (hot, cold, high and low), learn practical skills (improvised splinting and field wound management) as well as to learn about planning an expedition and leading a group in the mountains, an attractive feature of the annual Morocco Mountain Medicine Expedition.

For other health care professionals who have a military background such as Combat Medical Technicians, there are the WMT environment specific courses such as the Jungle Medicine and Mountain Medicine weekends that cover much of the material that would be required to support a tropical or mountain expedition or exercise.  

For those who have no formal medical training but may be thinking of leaving the armed forces to pursue a career in the outdoors or security industry, WMT offers the 3-day Advanced Medicine course that has evolved as a fantastic course for ‘lay people’ to give them the skills and knowledge to cope with an array of medical problems. And in 2012 we introduced the Emergency Medicine for Hostile Environments course which specifically includes more advanced techniques to deal with bullet and blast wounds. Both course include authorisation to obtain prescription only medicines for 2 years after the course so this makes it easy to assemble a medical kit appropriate to your activities and destination without having to obtain a prescriptions from your own doctor. Many military people use their resettlement grant to pay for a WMT course. Several WMT instructors have current military combat zone experience and can relate to the environments and challenges that soldiers want to learn to deal with.  

WMT can also provide ‘bespoke’ tailored courses that may contain military specific challenges such as gunshot trauma management – this would be particularly appropriate for NGOs and security/close protection personnel operating in hostile territory.