Medic Alumni post-course notes & follow up

Dear Medics
Welcome to the WMT community! Following your WMT Medic course we will have directed you to this page. It is not public so only the link in our follow-up email will get you here. Spam filters are getting more aggressive, especially with email attachments so we’re trialling this new online format. Apologies if it feels a bit generic and impersonal! Please take a few minutes to read through the following notes.

What next?
Perhaps another WMT course – see all Medic courses or teaching with WMT? Send us a CV (1 page max with a photo please) after you’ve checked out what we do on Explorer courses (which is where most new instructors start).

We invite any and all alumni to put pen to paper and write up a Wilderness Case Report if you have dealt with an interesting medical incident on expedition. Please see examples and guidance notes at this page.

We will keep in touch with you via email with periodic Newsletters and Medical Director’s Bulletins (archived here). Other resource material is available under the KNOWLEDGE tab including the WMT Expediton Pre-travel Medical Questionnaire.

Scan your certificate please. A charge is made to re-issue it. You may want of copy of it down the line for your portfolio.

Looking for that WMT receipt? There’s a link to it in your original confirmation email.

Check out our BLOG where you’re likely to see pictures taken on the course you attended.

Thanks for reading – keep in touch.
Team WMT

Updated 9/8/17