Expedition Medic

What WMT says

Expedition Medic is a UK based 2-day course for doctors and OHPs that is also the third and final module of the seven day Expedition Skills course (+ bush mechanic, navigation, personal security and bushcraft training). This practical, hands-on course is lead by experts who are seasoned expedition professionals and medics. It was thoroughly revamped in 2014 and again in 2016 and the syllabus now combines the essential and important medical topics of our Mountain Medicine and Jungle Medicine courses with related field skills training. The course is now roughly 50/50 mountain and jungle medicine and 50/50 medical and practical training. (We will continue to offer Mountain Medicine as a more intense mountain focused course but not Jungle Medicine.) There is no UK rival to the breadth and scope of this intense and practical course designed to give aspiring expedition medics a deep insight into the expedition environments that are high, hot, wet and cold thus opening up the scope of opportunities for an expedition role. Fun. Practical. Inspiring. This should be the minimum formal specialised medical training that experienced and aspiring expedition medics – doctors and OHPs – should undertake. Valid for at least 12 CPD credits.

What students say

Great – all of it. Lots of humour, real examples.
An excellent, informative and useful course. Thank you v. much!
Relaxed and informative – never boring!
Excellent in presenting a lot of content in an interesting way.
Was glad of lots of [teaching] styles.
Superb – good humour & clear instructions.
Handled questions well – good demos.
Not enough biblical preaching and snake handling!


Expedition Medic programme 14-15 July 2018
WMT all July 2018 Lake District based courses – pre-course Dossier v1 – with travel, kit advice and more
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All July 2018 Lake District WMT courses travel disruption update
WMT Expedition Medic medical student programme 28-29 July 2018

New in 2018 – Expedition Medic course for Medical Students only 28-29 July

This is the 3rd module and culmination of the week-long Expedition Skills course. Please do not book this option if you are a qualified doctor. The programme is different to the mid-July Expedition Medic module and especially is more scenario based. Download the programme:WMT Expedition Medic medical student programme 28-29 July 2018

Who’s invited?

Doctors of all grades, nurses, medical students, paramedics* and OHPs are welcome to attend. No prior camping or expedition experience is required. Whether you are flirting with the idea of accompanying a team up Kilimanjaro, jungle trekking, pimping your expedition CV or simply want a fun, inspiring educational course, Expedition Medic will satisfy your aims and open your eyes to expedition medicine and the possibilities for travel using your medical skills. (*paramedics should consult WMT before booking ANY course)

What’s covered on Expedition Medic?

This is a busy two days with loads of practical sessions, group work, lectures and discussions. See the detailed outline programme below and the note on what’s covered in the course manual you’ll receive.

Medic course manual – what’s covered?

We issue the same comprehensive Medic course manual – currently 173 pages – on ALL WMT Medic courses so there is a lot of “bonus” material in addition to what is specifically covered on any particular course syllabus. For example, there are extensive notes on diverse topics such as expedition dentistry, diving medicine, swift water rescue and other topics that might not be covered on the shorter WMT courses.

Outline Programme
Day 1

Important scene setting topics
• Introductions
• Expedition medical planning – imms/antimalarials
• Pre-existing medical cases – group work

Hot and wet environments
• Tropical fevers
• Heat injury
• Bites and stings
• Diarrhoea
• Snake bite management

Field skills & camp craft
• GPS navigation
• Expedition catering, cooking on open fires (venue dependent)
• Camping fundamentals: site selection, hygiene, field toilets
• Kit selection, packing & waterproofing
• Setting up tarps & hammocks (bashas)

Day 2

High and cold environments
• Altitude illness/ portable altitude chambers
• Hypothermia, frostbite and immersion

• Fractures and dislocations

Rescue & related skills
• Radios, communications, GPS tracking devices
• Security on steep ground – belays and simple rope use
• Mountain safety equipment – group shelters, walking rope, blizzard bags
• Medical kit discussion
• So you wanna be an expedition medic? Expedition opportunities

Final questions / certificates / feedback & farewell by 4pm


We estimate that this programme is valid for approximately 12 CPD credits.

Important note about the camp set up, facilities and access

These courses are camping based on private land, alongside a beautiful tarn (wonderful for swimming).The camp is semi-wild with slit latrines, no running water or hot showers. Bring your own tent/sleeping bag etc. All meals provided and cooked for you. We cover mountain medicine topics. There is no fell walking involved but the site is very rugged so those with mobility issues should contact WMT before booking.