Martian medicine & recent private courses

The last few weeks have been busy with Dr Harvey Pynn and Dr Craig Miller teaching Far From Helpp for Golder (a geology firm) and the University of the West of England. The organising client, Dr Dave Molesworth commented, “It was a really great course, and Craig is an absolutely spot on trainer, probably the best I have been trained by. He knows how to pitch it, what we need to know, how to pace the sessions, and I think we all came out feeling confident about what we needed to do. Also, his focus on medicines throughout the training really helped us to think about what we need and why.”

Harvey also delivered a one-day Wilderness Medicine Workshop at the University of Oxford, Department of Earth Science. The orgnising client, Mr Ian Wright commented, “I certainly found it extremely interesting and useful, and definitely a step-up from the more usual run-of-the-mill first aid course. I did, however, miss out one environment from the pre-course admin (brief) – one of the post-grad students who attended works on Martian geology, although to be fair that hasn’t involved any fieldwork in person, as yet!”

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