Expedition Skills course report

The first 2018 Expedition Skills course concluded last week during the Lake District heat wave. Thanks to everyone who came for either Far From Help or Expedition Medic and to Ben McNutt of Wild Human (formerly Woodsmoke) and his team, WMT instructors Dr Jamie Goodhart, Dr Andrea Goodhart and Dr Charlotte Verney and Dr Duncan Gray for their expert input. Delegate LM said “brilliant – all of them”. “Fantastic overall” said BH. It was a packed week but there was still time for a wild swim. Enjoy the pictures below. The 2nd Expedition Skills course of the year started today – especially for medical students.

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Bristol – expedition medicine jobs

WMT’s Dr Harvey Pynn would like to spread the word regarding the following fantastic job opportunities; 2 x clinical fellow posts at Bristol Royal Infirmary split between 75% EM and 25% expedition medicine.

Details can be found on NHS jobs and in the BMJ (from this weekend). The closing date will be in two weeks.

Harvey will be the Educational Supervisor and the role involves spending 25% paid time doing anything related to expedition medicine.

These and other Bristol jobs are referenced below.

Job Reference: 387-M-1301
Clinical Fellow in ED with Specialist 20% Interest

Job Reference: 387-M-1302
Clinical Fellow in ED with 30% specialist interest in Cardiac Arrest

Job Reference: 387-M-1303
Clinical Fellow in ED & Expedition Medicine

Job Reference: 387-M-1304
Clinical Fellow in ED with 20% Specialist Interest

Job Reference: 387-M-1305
Clinical Fellow in Critical Care (ITU/EM)

Advanced Medicine course report

Thank you to everyone who attended Advanced Medicine or Far From Help over the recent bank holiday weekend and to instructors Harvey Pynn, Jamie Goodhart and Duncan Gray for teaching this intensive Explorer course for laypeople. As always Glenmore Lodge in Aviemore provided a first class teaching environment, food and facilities against the back drop of beautiful scenery.

Delegate Paul Lewis wasted no time in emailing his feedback and appreciation:

Just back from a busy weekend on the Advanced course and wanted to pass on my thanks. It was a superb course delivered by inspiring and enthusiastic trainers. I really enjoyed it and, although a lot to take on board, the delivery style really helps embed the information.

So, please do pass on my thanks to the guys and a massive thanks to you too. As soon as I can I will write a bit of an account of the course for our blog and it feels good to be onboard with the WMT family.

Hope to catch up sometime and thanks again.

Paul Lewis

Peak Mountaineering

The next 4-day Advanced Medicine course will be held at Glenmore Lodge 1-4 December.

2019 Mountain Medicine on Skis – Chamonix course dates

Planning is well underway for 2019 courses and demand is already high for Mountain Medicine on Skis course dates. These are now live on the website and we are running two courses again – 3-7 February and 3-7 March. The price has been held at 2018 rates. This is our smallest course and the only course that requires a minimum technical standard (of skiing – not climbing/mountaineering). It’s probably our most demanding too. This season, delegates came from across the UK/Ireland, Denmark and Finland. About 40% of delegates had attended a WMT before. These courses normally sell out by mid-autumn. Join us!

Martian medicine & recent private courses

The last few weeks have been busy with Dr Harvey Pynn and Dr Craig Miller teaching Far From Helpp for Golder (a geology firm) and the University of the West of England. The organising client, Dr Dave Molesworth commented, “It was a really great course, and Craig is an absolutely spot on trainer, probably the best I have been trained by. He knows how to pitch it, what we need to know, how to pace the sessions, and I think we all came out feeling confident about what we needed to do. Also, his focus on medicines throughout the training really helped us to think about what we need and why.”

Harvey also delivered a one-day Wilderness Medicine Workshop at the University of Oxford, Department of Earth Science. The orgnising client, Mr Ian Wright commented, “I certainly found it extremely interesting and useful, and definitely a step-up from the more usual run-of-the-mill first aid course. I did, however, miss out one environment from the pre-course admin (brief) – one of the post-grad students who attended works on Martian geology, although to be fair that hasn’t involved any fieldwork in person, as yet!”

Read more about WMT’s private work.

Call for abstracts – Chamonix Expedition Medicine course January 2019

New in 2019 on WMT’s flagship Expedition Medicine course in Chamonix 21-25 January 2019 is a call for abstracts. The abstracts will focus on recent research, interesting case studies or expeditions in the role of medic covering the entire spectrum of wilderness medicine. Accepted abstracts will be presented as posters at the meeting with a selection chosen for oral presentations. The best oral presentation will receive an award. Notification of acceptance will be sent to the principal author after 1 Dec 2018. Abstracts will be scored by a panel of the conference faculty using a validated scoring system from RCEM. WMT call for abstracts Jan 2019 Chamonix course submission guidelines

MDB No 12 counterfeit medicines.

Read the latest MDB – Medical Director’s Bulletin – published 16 March 2018 about counterfeit medicines.

Here’s an extract:
Many individual small studies have been done over the years looking at the problems of SSFFC medicines. Fortunately, a systematic review of this literature has been undertaken. The top lines from this systematic review are as follows:

The median prevalence of substandard / counterfeit medicines was 28.5% (range 11-48%) across 44 prevalence studies in 25 resource poor countries.
The majority of these studies reviewed antimalarial medications though antibiotics and analgesics were also studied. Only two studies included paediatric formulations in their samples.
93% of studies contained samples with inadequate amounts of active ingredients.
The prevalence of substandard / counterfeit antibiotics was significantly higher when purchased from unlicensed outlets (p<0.0001). Read the full bulletin here.

Teaching Navigation by WMT’s Nigel Williams

Congratulations to WMT’s very popular instructor Nigel Williams on the publication of his first book Teaching Navigation: practical ideas for outdoor tutors. Buy it from HARVEY MAPS online here. Nigel has certainly helped many hundreds of doctors on WMT courses in Chamonix and Morocco think about navigation (an essential outdoor leadership skill) in a different and more effective way.

Teaching Navigation by Nigel Williams